Yuri Omelchenko – is an international business development and sales effectiveness expert.

He helps the companies to create the strategies for entering the new markets, identify approaches and plans of the development of the distribution networks, evaluate the effectiveness of the existing sales departments, create the steps for sales processes modernization and their implementation.

Yuri Omelchenko is also an expert in “Digital modernization” projects implementation. He helps the companies to effectively compete in modern “digital” world, identify the strategy and the tactics of the digital modernization, identify the necessary technologies and their implementation in the process of modernization.

Yuri Omelchenko is supported by the 20+ years’ experience of work in Xerox and Microsoft, successful start of Microsoft business in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Belarus, successful development of the Microsoft software distribution network in Ukraine, more than 30 successful digital modernization projects in CIS countries and more than 6 years of working as the sales leader in CIS countries and in Ukraine

You can reach Yuri Omelchenko with the E-mail: